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Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Once you register a domain name, whether it be through us or a third party, you have a right to that particular domain name. This does not however give you a website. This has merely guarantees you ownership of that domain. You will often see a blank page or the page of the company you used to register the domain name. This is normal.

This is called a parked domain. This domain will remain parked and registered in your name until the contract expires normally a year for .com's and 2 years for anything .au

Please note that the Australian government controls the .au suffix meaning your need a ABN ACN or other such number in order to register the domain with them and this can take up 24hrs normally not more that 5 mins however.


Hosting is what will give you the website you are after. Hosting in the most basic form is simply a computer that is connected to the internet. If the domain DNS servers are pointing that particular computer then the domain can be hosted there. The registerd domain is like a house deed but without a property, the hosting is the property. The server is a computer that is connected and kept running 24/7.

This is why after registering a domain name, you do not yet have a website. Only after organising a hosting plan can you start building a website.

Our servers are essentailly like the cloud you may or may not be familiar with however, we are have in place deals to stop to many others being on the same server as us, thus noticably reducing your websites load time, and increasing download speed for your website.

Our Services
Registration & Hosting

We offer very competitive rates for both hosting a registration. Our servers have a guaranteed 99.999% uptime (on an update last month we dropped offline for 2.46ms, not noticeable) If you are a new customer considering a website, we can handle both registration and hosting as we can do this almost instantaneously. (We are human and typing unfortunately takes small amounts of time) If however you have registered web names already we are able to take hosting easily however this can take up to 76hrs for the registration company to comply with the requested DNS change and for their cache to reset. (We're sorry about the nerd talk, however no other way to explain) If you would like more of this explained in greater detail then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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